A variety of visual pleasures, friendly creative studio Kentin

A name Kentin is originated from the word Canteen. It is transformed, and in dictionary definition, it means cafeteria, canteen. When we go to a canteen, we think and pick what we want. Sometimes, we discuss with others to get what we want to share together. We also have a good time talking together here. The concept of this idea seemed very similar to the video making process, so here we are.

Think, Pick, Realize, Enjoy

There are many fields in art, and the valuable videos contain various fields of art and technology. If there are hundreds of people, there are more than a hundred "thoughts." Based on various project experiences, we "pick" among the ideas, and build them up into one. The most important thing is to "realize" all the imaginations. We "enjoy" the moments when all the imaginations finally become reality.

The best artist, the best performance

Team Kentin started from a completely different perspective from existing video productions. It was born based on the philosophy of Unopnd Web3 and decentralization, which allows artists to perform at their very best in a more upgraded environment and culture.

We believe having fun is the purest joy when creating a standout piece.

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